I LOVE YOU, an art song

I Love You © is about my grandparents whom I loved dearly. After grandpa died, grandma told me she’d decided to follow him. As she saw it, now that he was gone she might as well go too. She’d made up her Prussian mind and that was that! During the years she spent fulfilling that resolve, I’d listen to her stories about a long-ago world. This poem is about that world, and a tribute to her and my grandfather. Its central story, as I’ve learned from several others since, is not unique to them. It’s from a different era, and in a way I guess it shows how much we’re all products of our circumstances and of our times.

Renowned voice-artist Ched Miller (Ordinary Moments, Coco) both produced and read the song in a bravo performance. We sincerely hope you find it worth your while. Feel free to share if you care to! So click on the link and have a listen:


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  1. Carol Chulick says:

    That was beautiful. 

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