About Finding My Way

Finding My Way is a self-indulgent, picaresque look at my more than three score plus 10 years on this planet. I began it for my children, Joe, Chris, Katie and Tova, and my grandchildren, Jacob, Olympia, George and Luke (to whom this undertaking I dedicate) to give them an idea of what life was like during the last half of the Twentieth Century.

Finding My Way also includes miscellaneous rants (the ancestral obligation of aging men), reflections (contemporary politics, non-linear philosophical ramblings, spiritual musings and some selections from Joe’s Art Songs for those armchairs moments of serenity.

And I hope it provides a pleasant moment or two for you  Joe

2 Responses to About Finding My Way

  1. Ken Balsley says:

    I like the idea.


  2. Kirstan says:

    I like the idea, too! These stories are little treasures, which I’m sure the grandkids will love reading in their “senior” years.


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