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When Telephone Lines At Last Came to Lacey

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Pacific Northwest Bell (PNB) executives asserted it, Daily Olympian journalists investigated it and the State of Washington’s Department of General Administration (GA) confirmed it … the reason the state didn’t lease office space in Lacey was that it cost a … Continue reading

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From Berkeley to Ord Door By Door By Door … THE FAST LANE TO EASY STREET

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Neurologists posit that the human mind doesn’t reach maturity until its bearer reaches twenty-six years of age or so. My decisions at age 19 validate this beyond any reasonable doubt. My first year at the UC Berkeley featured sustained combat between two historic, implacable foes … academic discipline vs hormonal servitude. … Continue reading

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Selling Doors Door-To-Door

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A car in high school meant a part-time job … that was a certainty. Likewise a steady girlfriend represented another expensive indulgence … so I figured if I eliminated those two entrees from my gotta-have menu, I’d eliminate the need for employment. Simple! And after all, my … Continue reading

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How To Get A Great Job You Don’t Really Want, Part 3 … MAKING THE LEAP FROM TELEPHONE POLES TO FREEDOM

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“What have you done to yourself now?” This thought kept running through my skull like a soundbite infinitely looping. I didn’t have to wait long to find just out what I’d done … When I met the honcho of Bell’s vast regional operations center located in San Rafael, his first question … Continue reading

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How To Get A Great Job You Really Don’t Want, Part 2 … BIG BUSINESS AND BIGGER BUSINESS

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I had some time to kill so I decided to check out Vallejo’s Larwin Plaza Shopping Mall when it debuted in the early 1960s. It featured sparkling new shops populated by some of that era’s top retailers, including Sears, Singer, Long’s Drugs and S.S. Kresge. … Continue reading

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How To Get A Great Job You Really Don’t Want, Part 1 … THE SORCERER’S RELUCTANT APPRENTICE

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“Hey! I hear they’re hiring at Sperry Flour Mill!” “Wow! Really? That’d be a great summer job! Once they hire you, you’ve got a job for life!” “God! I’d love to work there! It’s the best job you can get!” “Yeah, … Continue reading

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The Burnaby Mirror, part 6 … THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS

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After six months or so, The Burnaby Mirror not only survived … it showed signs that it might actually be viable! Part of its vitality was attributable to a significant increase in placements from ad agencies. These ads were pure gravy for newspapers, if … Continue reading

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