How about taking a moment or two in these extraordinary times for something ordinary? Here’s just what the doctor ordered, a rendition of my poem Ordinary Moments voiced and produced by longtime Canadian radio personality and voice-over artist, Ched Miller. I was sous-chef for Ched in the production of the song, an immensely satisfying effort, the kind that gives you the feeling afterwards that your hard work was well spent. We hope you’ll feel the same! And if you do, why not tell a friend, or two! Click on the link below for a couple of minutes in Ordinary Moments …


Your comments or thoughts are most appreciated!

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  1. brian wesner says:

    Hi Joe: Ched Miller recently sent me your poem ordinary moments… I found it absolutely so well done. I love the poem and Ched’s narration gives it that extra touch . Ched and I go back away he played lead guitar in quite a good blues band called the Soul Society…in which I was the lead singer, We also took an announcing coarse together. Ched went on to work for several radio stations and later became a voice over announcer…He’s very talented and has an amazing announcing voice…I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Congratulations on a great piece of art
    I also write poetry as well as lyrics if your interested here are some links
    You can reach me at bwesner@gmail.com

    Stay safe be well
    yours in music,art & poetry BriaN:-)

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